Dickinson Police Search for Man Involved in Burglary Ring

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The dominoes have started falling in a Dickinson burglary ring, but one piece is still missing.

Police have arrested three suspects and recovered some hot property.

A quiet residential neighborhood looked quite different Monday evening.

"The Southwest Tactical Team conducted an operation on the residence in question to secure the premise for a subsequent search," said Detective Sgt. Kylan Klauzer.

Law enforcement agencies searched a home on Eighth Street East in pursuit of 31-year-old Jeremy Mellmer, who police say is involved in recent burglaries.

"We've had those storage unit ones, and then we've had some residential ones in the area in the last 30 days," Klauzer said.

Earlier Monday police arrested three people in traffic stops they say are involved in the crimes. After interviewing them, police say they were led to a home where they could find Mellmer and some stolen items.

While Mellmer was nowhere to be found at the residence, authorities did find some stolen property.

"Pertaining to the reports that we did have last week yes, some of this property related to some of those burglaries," Klauzer said.

The operation began at 7 p.m. Monday, and continued into the morning. Klauzer says police are still actively looking for Mellmer, and asking the community to help.

"Right now we're working with some of our local community media outlets, billboards, social media, to try to obtain any information on Jeremy's whereabouts," Klauzer said.

Anybody with any information on Mellmer is encouraged to contact the Dickinson Police Department.​

Police will hold onto the stolen property for evidence until it can be returned to the rightful owners.