Dickinson Police Search for Graffiti Vandals

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It's been a problem in Dickinson before, but never in this number.

Police have reports of 21 cases of graffiti, and it's affected areas throughout the city.

With snow coating the ground and cold temperatures, graffiti taggers are still at work.

"I think they just stopped and tagged it, with probably some symbols from their group, or something they've seen around the country," said Jack Schulz, director of Security and Emergency Management at DSU.

Last week Dickinson State's gymnasium and a stop sign nearby were marked. The marks have been removed, but the university's security team is going to be on the lookout.

"We're just being a little more vigilant especially in the nighttime hours, so you know if we do spot anybody you know, hopefully we can get this stopped," Schulz said.

The problem started in November, and they're not all from the night before. The general manager at Prairie Hills Mall says they left marks in a bathroom mid-afternoon.

"They've vandalized government property, personal property, public utilities," said Sgt. Dave Wallace, Dickinson Police Department.

Wallace says the graffiti is not gang-related, but the increasing number of instances is alarming. Police have no suspects, but will keep searching.

"It's senseless and it's causing property damage, so it's something we're really taking a more serious look at now," Wallace said.

Police are asking people to report any suspicious activity to help prevent future taggings.​