Dickinson Police Department Moves to New Facility

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Most days the Dickinson Police Department is busy responding to calls and keeping the community safe.

But recently, some of the team has been helping the move to the department's new home.

It's like unwrapping a present.

"The public safety center, just being a new building, it just has that new feel to it, that new energy," said Sgt. Mike Hanel, Dickinson Police Department.

And it brings new equipment and space for the Dickinson Police Department, like interview rooms, evidence processing rooms and a forensic ID laboratory.

The new public safety center even has a fitness room. It's an upgrade the police force needed.

"We quickly realized we were outgrowing our old facility and this facility came along just in the nick of time," Hanel said.

The fire department also needed more space. But this isn't the first time the two teams are banding together.

"Beginning in the 1930s, both the fire department and police department were actually combined in the central fire hall downtown," Hanel said.

In 1982, the police separated and moved to the law enforcement center. Now 33 years later, they are eager to work together again.

Operations in the new building are set to begin Thursday, but that doesn't mean the old building is shutting down.

"For dispatch purposes, the law enforcement center will remain as a secondary access point, this will be our primary dispatch location when they get up here," Hanel said.

Hanel says moving materials and still responding to calls has been a challenge, though the hard work is worth it. And while the building is new, it still has that western charm.

"Looks futuristic, something a little rustic, which is our western North Dakota kinda fits right into that picture," said Detective Jeremy Moser, Dickinson Police Department.

The public will be able to see the newest addition to the community Tuesday at the facility's open house.​