Stray Bullet from Dickinson Shooting Hits Man in Nearby Home

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Dickinson Police are continuing to investigate a shooting that happened this weekend in Heartland Village.

Police say the shooting took place in the street, and suspects fled the scene before their arrival.

A stray bullet passed through the wall of 59-year-old Robert Herrera's home, and hit him in the side.

Herrera says he was sitting at a table with his family when they heard the gunshots.

"We heard the dogs started barking, and they came to the door. My son-in-law started to get up to come to the door to see what was going on, and then we heard this pop, pop, pop, like a bunch of gunshots, like 10 or 12 right away. And, I felt one. I turned like this to look to the door, and I felt I got hit," said Herrera.

Tonight on the Evening Report, Sharon Johnson will have more from her exclusive interview with Herrera.