Dickinson Overpass Construction Ahead of Schedule

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Cooler temperatures aren't halting construction on Dickinson's overpass project.

The team has been working since July, and the time has paid off.

From mid summer to today, they've been working machinery, and nothing is stopping them from their duties anytime soon.

"Yes, it is a lot colder in the mornings. You're looking about 30 degrees and sometimes even cooler or warmer, but we are prepared for our work activity for the day," said Chris Beaver, project safety manager.

Whether its placing steel beams or laying asphalt, the project's crew has made progress with the project; more progress than they expected.

Crew members are setting the foundation for the new overpass, and they say they'll work until they can't work anymore.

Beaver says the plan is to stop operations in mid-November, when they expect winter weather to kick in. The days are long, but they're moving the project along.

"We weren't planning on driving all the H-pile this year, but because of our scheduling and how our morale and our activities went, we're able to start driving all the pile this year," Beaver said.

Before shutting down, the team also plans to work on the new Dickinson Ready Mix Track. Traffic has continued around the project site with a temporary bypass, and they are maintaining communication with the community.

"Public has been supportive with Ames Construction has been handing out flyers and keeping the public informed of what's going on," said Denis Oyugi, project team leader, NDDOT.

Driving through the project can look challenging at first, but there are signs to help navigate around. Oyugi says driving with caution is important when by the site.

"Be aware of what's going on with equipment on the project and take your time to drive through the project," Oyugi said.

Soon several side streets of the project will be open for the public.

Beaver says some workers have left the project since operations have slowed some.