Dickinson Neighborhood to Get Streetlights for Safety

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We're heading into the season where the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

And it has citizens in one Dickinson residential area worried about their unlit roads.

Development in this area began three years ago, but there's something important that's missing.

"They go out and walk their dogs, or they go out for a jog, or for a walk and it's just hard for us to see as pedestrians or for a driver to see a pedestrian," said Erik Castro, Dickinson resident.

The city commission just approved the preliminary engineering report for street lights for the unlit area.

"Our construction season would be in 2016, with construction expected to start expected to start in early summer," said Craig Kubas, city engineer.

Kubas says the next step is to create a lighting district that would need approval by the commission. Property owners within this district would help pay for the new lights that if added, the city hopes would create a safer environment.

"Well-lit areas are safer, that's historically been proven, and as such, we would hope that we would have street lights in any area of our community for safety," said Sgt. Dave Wallace, Dickinson Police Department.

The review of the lighting district will take place at the next commission meeting.​

The city engineer estimates that about 140 lights would be added.