Dickinson Dispatch Moves to Public Safety Center

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The Dickinson Police Department moved into a new building last year, but a piece was missing.

Today it's all back together again.

The dispatch center has moved over.

"911 what's your emergency?"

It's a question Gary Steffan has asked thousands of times, but not in this space.

"It was a little emotional I guess to leave that dispatch center empty, you know, shut the lights off no one's there," said Steffan, communication specialist.

Wednesday the dispatch center began operating in the new Public Safety Center, and closed the door on the old place. But it was time.

"It's quite larger than the other center so dispatchers are able to spread out a little bit, we also have room for future growth," said Bill Fahlsing, Stark County emergency manager.

Dispatchers now have eight monitors instead of four, allowing them to look at all programs at the same time. The move is a huge benefit to the center, but it came with challenges.

"We had to wait for the network infrastructure to be installed in this facility so our 911 systems would run off of that," Fahlsing said.

The Public Safety Center will be home to most of dispatch's operations, but it will occasionally operate out of the old center to make sure equipment still works.

The dispatch center has a staff of 12.​