Dickinson Church Under Multi-Million Dollar Remodel

St. Wensceslaus Church in Dickinson has been under construction for the past ten months. The church is going through a three million dollar remodel, where more than 16 thousand pounds of marble is being used for the altar and floors.

The church has also refreshed the look of the original stained glass windows. And to get all the work done, one pastor says crews work more than a one thousand hours to get this project finished on time.

"The stained glass windows here were installed 35 years ago," says Monsignor Patrick Schumacher. "What we've done is we've taken them out, we've taken them apart and we've releaded them and we have now put them in with clear glass behind them. The hail card I call them so these windows are being seen for the first time like they have never been seen before."

Monsignor Schumacher says they hope to open the churches doors this January.