Dickinson Bypass to be Completed Next Fall

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Dickinson has experienced major development over the last several years, and these additions have affected local traffic.

Construction began over a year ago, but come Friday afternoon, the interstate by Dickinson will look different.

"All the proper signing will be in place, and people will know that its open and ready for use," said Jason Fischer, project engineer of the Exit 56 Project.

The Exit 56 Project includes new ramps and a new overpass. To the south it connects to Old Highway 10, and to the north, there will be future expansion.

"It will eventually connect to the next phase of the Dickinson bypass, the northwest bypass," Fischer said.

The bypass should be complete by next fall. Both the city and state have invested in the project they hope will not just help the local economy.

One of the main goals of this project is to take traffic off one of the busiest roads in Dickinson.

Industry traffic on Highway 22 damages the road and adds to Dickinson's everyday traffic. It's a road the city knows needs relief.

"Exit 56 is something we've been advocating for for several years," said Shawn Kessel, city administrator.

Kessel adds that industries like Dakota Prairie Refinery will benefit from the new interchange.

"It creates an easy access corridor for them to get on not only the interstate, but also to get around the city of Dickinson," Kessel said.

The project cost about $20 million.​