Development Continues in Dickinson Despite Oil Slump

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When oil prices drop, some development in cities near the state's oil patch may be put on hold.

This is the case with two restaurants in Dickinson, but one local contractor say they will come in time.

It's a sign on untouched land in Dickinson, but residents do have something to look forward to.

"Through the course of the years they have not lost their enthusiasm, again even with the downturn in the local economy, they're still forging forward," said Mike Odegaard, Tooz Construction, Inc., project manager.

Serka Services has contracts with Tooz Construction and a building permit for Fuddruckers to open in town. Odegaard says at this point, they don't know if it will be both restaurants, or just one.

"We'll have to wait and see, but we plan to be breaking ground on one of the two this spring," Odegaard said.

He says the waiting period is typical for a contractor in a community like Dickinson, that experiences the effects of the oil industry's decline.

"If you've been around oil you understand it goes up and down, our construction company Tooz Construction has weathered all those storms due to being diverse," Odegaard said.

The company is currently helping build a new steakhouse in town owned by local residents. Terri Thiel, director of Dickinson's Visitors Bureau, says the population can still support new restaurants to town.

"Our own people in town like to go out and relax, and it becomes a social meeting place not just to go eat," Thiel said.

Thiel adds that Dickinson has seen numerous types of restaurants enter the community, as well as coffee shops.

Dickinson also has several municipal projects that will begin soon.​