Dealing with Oil Waste

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From drill cuttings to mud, oilfield waste has to go somewhere. But where? So, one company and the North Dakota Department of Health held a public discussion in Dickinson to hear concerns about a future special waste landfill.

As IHD Environmental tries to bring in a special waste facility to hold oil field waste, neighboring residents have their concerns.

"Some of the concerns I heard today had to do with protection of ground and surface water. Protection of air quality and some traffic issues," said Chris Kreger, an IHD Environmental representative.

The special waste facility is about 7 1/2 miles away from the city of Belfield, where IHD Environmental plans to build the 17 1/2 acre landfill.

Kreger said: "The bulk of the waste we will accept is drill cuttings from drill rigs or quote waste we expect to get about 10-20 loads a day which would be in the neighborhood of 200 to 500 tons per day.

But before any permits are signed off the Department of Health will review residents concerns until Oct. 19.

"We also will be doing inspections, routine inspections, and reviewing reports from the company to make sure they're in compliance with the state rules," said Steve Tillotson, the assistant director of the Division of Waste Management for the North Dakota Department of Health.

If the permit is approved the waste site would have a life expectancy of 10-15 years.

Kreger says if the special waste landfill is permitted by the department of health, construction will begin by next spring.