DeMENnuttes Show How Much Maroon They Bleed for BHS

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Every year Bismarck High School's senior guys team up with the Demonettes dance team for a tradition that's been a part of homecoming for more than 40 years.

This year, 17 DeMENnuttes are busting out their best dance moves to show just how much they bleed maroon.

There are no tryouts for this team, any senior guy brave enough to put everything out on the dance floor can be a DeMENnutte.

It's a part of homecoming tradition that seniors like Logan Mollman didn't want to miss out on.

"It feels really good; and I feel honored really to be on the DeMENnuttes," said Mollman.

Senior Luke Askew said: "It's fun. You get to come out here and dance around to some good songs in front of all your classmates and your teachers, and just have fun at the pep rally."

It's a bit of a role reversal.

"I think it's cool cause in a way, although they could be considered making fun of us, like there still supporting us," said junior Allie Geiger, Demonettes captain.

After weeks of practice and a lot of patience from the girls, the guys are ready to show off their skills. But, they'll only have two chances to nail their routines.

"I'd say probably making a fool of yourself in front of 500 people, that's probably the biggest thing I'm scared about," said senior Colton Arman.

Mollman said, "If we mess up we mess up. It's probably going to be funny anyway."

While this group of friends may not be as good as the girls yet, they're giving it their best shot.

The DeMENnuttes will show off their skills during the schools pep rally, and Friday night at the Community Bowl during halftime of the homecoming game.

The Demons will take on the the Williston Coyotes at 7 p.m.