Dangers of Leaving Kids in Cars

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The easiest way to keep your children out of danger is to never put them in a precarious situation. For instance, we know that children should never be left alone in a car.

That applies whether it's extremely cold, extremely hot, or anywhere in between.

But, Bismarck Police Department say some people just aren't getting the message..

According to the organization, kidsandcars.org, leaving a child behind in a car can be a deadly mistake. It takes the lives of 38 children across the nation each year.

It isn't summer yet, but four children in the country have already died from being trapped in a hot car so far this year.

"Children heat up three to five times faster than adults so their body mechanism for cooling themselves is not sufficient as adults," Mary Dasovick, North Dakota Health Department

A car parked in direct sunlight on a hot day can reach about 130 degrees within 15 minutes.

A Bismarck woman left her 3 and 5-year-old in a locked car on Friday after she went inside Wal-Mart to shoplift. A witness told police the children were trapped for about 35 minutes while it was about 80 degrees outside and 102 in the car. The mom was charged with felony child neglect.

Dasovick said, "At 107 degrees, it will be fatal for the child."

"If you see something that doesn't look right, we're always more concerned about the child's welfare in these types of cases so it never hurts to call," said Sgt. Mark Buschena, Bismarck Police Department.

Even good parents might become distracted and forget to drop off their kids at daycare before going to work.

"We're always thinking when we get into the car, what we have to do at work, what we have to do at home, what activities are going on," said Dasovick.

Dasovick says parents can put their cell phone or purse and put it in the back seat. That way when you step out of your car, you're reminded that your kids are back there, too.