DSU Art Students Help Fight Hunger in Community

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Art students are expected to create works of art for grades.

But students at Dickinson State University are giving their ceramic works back to the local community.

It was some students first time working with clay.

"First time, yep, making bowls, ever," said Alex Vargas, DSU senior.

She says creating ceramic bowls was challenging, but it helped knowing they were for a good cause.

"In the end when it's all done, you're happy that I made something," Vargas said.

Empty Bowls is an annual fundraiser for United Way's Food Program. Twenty-two students made bowls that will be sold to raise funds.

"Always nice to give back, especially during the holidays, also helps us to remember to be thankful for what we do have," Vargas said.

But hunger is a problem at all times of the year. DSU's adjunct ceramics instructor says it's important for students to be aware of needs in the community.

"It's good for them to have that concept of a tie in to the community, even if they're not from this region," said Robin Reynolds.

Students worked on the bowls of different shapes and colors for weeks, but Reynolds says it's a simple process.

After these bowls are glazed, they'll be fired in a kiln to 2,200 degrees.

Reynolds is one of the organizers of the event, and says by purchasing a bowl, you're purchasing a meal as well.

"Good monastery soup and a crust of bread," Reynolds said.

It's a meal that will be hopefully fill some more empty bowls in the community.​