DHS Group Promotes Healthy Choices in Year-Long Campaign

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To stop bullying and drug abuse in youth, schools participate in red ribbon week.

But for a group at Dickinson High School, bringing awareness to these issues is a year-long effort.

Seven-year-old Regan Berger is familiar with the special week.

"Red ribbon week comes, we wear these red ribbons," said Regan Berger, second grade at Lincoln Elementary.

After a presentation by two high school students, Berger has a greater understanding of their purpose.

"Not doing drugs and not being mean to people. We did pledges yesterday," Berger said.

Many students from Dickinson's Public School District have pledged to make healthy choices. But at Dickinson High, the program is more than a week.

"This program is going around all year which is a very good thing," said senior Keana Kudrna, Dickinson High School.

Kudrna is part of the new Activities Leadership Team that has more than 50 members. To spread their message of making healthy choices, the team has a poster campaign.

"iI they see that, that we're on that poster and we're making the same pledge, that that will definitely help them get that in their mind that alcohol and drugs are bad," Kudrna said.

To bring the local community even closer to this campaign, students brought the posters in area businesses.

They've just started distributing the posters, but soon their message will spread beyond the schools. And the team isn't just students.

"Parents, teachers, students; it's all of us there at the meetings," said senior Mckenzie Mortensen, Dickinson High School.

The idea for the group started with the activities director of Dickinson Public Schools. His hope is that it will continue to inspire students to make changes.

"The more kids we get involved, it's a great thing for our local school community, but also our community of Dickinson," said Guy Fridley, activities director at Dickinson Public Schools.

Fridley adds that the team will take on new initiatives throughout the year.​

Example of these new initiatives include texting and driving and getting students more involved at school.