DCN Expands Data Center in Bismarck

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The Dakota Carrier Network (DCN) is expanding its data center in Bismarck.

The company is adding 30,000 square feet, which will increase its server floor space by 12 times.

DCN provides an infrastructure network that gives high speed Internet to many of North Dakota's regional banks, critical care centers, schools and colleges, the North Dakota National Guard, 911 dispatch centers, state radio, IT companies and commercial businesses.

The facility will be able to withstand F4 tornado winds and state of the art security.

CEO Seth Arndorfer says it all boils down to providing customers to the best Internet services from cloud sharing to smart applications.

"Those applications actually will reside in in DCN's data center. And that's really what DCN is -- that's why we've built this data center expansion, to help North Dakota citizens to have access to the most advanced cloud technology services," Arndorfer said.

Construction has begun on the project and is expected to be completed by early 2017.