Group Works to Raise Money for Cuddle Cot Donations

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Earlier this week, Jamie Council told us the story about how a Minot photographer donates her time and service through the organization "As I Lay Me Down to Sleep." The group is trying to raise money for Cuddle Cots in the Minot and Williston area.

The remembrance photography of "As I Lay Me Down to Sleep" gives grieving families a way to remember the child.

"But the pictures are something that my kids will always remember. My oldest and all all three of my kids go home and pull out the album or watch the slide show we made for her funeral," said Amber Finch of Minot. "She's always a part of us now and they won't for get her."

"All families deserve the right to look back at it as it was," said Erica McCauley.

But there's one thing that they are working against -- time.

"I have to get get there as quick as possible, and as the photographer, I see the difference between how quickly things change and much we are fighting against time," said McCauley. "Their little bodies can't hold up in out world when they are gone."

A cuddle cot is a cooling system that allows the babies body to maintain a better facade and gives the family with gift of time.

"After we lost Grace, that's one of the first things I looked into was how to keep them in the room longer with you and get that time with them without them -- they do, taking nature," said Amber Finch. "That would would be an opportunity for my kids to see them more when they came. They held her for a very short time and that was it. My oldest asked why couldn't I have held her longer?"

A Cuddle Cot allows the mother and families to have more time and remember their child as it should be -- beautiful.

To donate, visit and search families of loss Minot.