Plans to Makeover Crooked Crane Trail

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The sound of nature, long walks or just enjoying the outdoors. These are a few reasons why the Dickinson Parks Board feel the Crooked Crane Trail near Patterson Lake needs a makeover.

"It's kind of been in need of repair and that's probably why it hasn't seen the usage," said James Kramer, director of Dickinson Parks and Recreation.

The first phase of this trail is going to cost $1.2 million and the addition of the sign logos.

A committee came together to help design and revamp the trail's image. And for two members, they say this project is close to the heart.

"This is the one I'm most familiar with. I've hiked this entire trail. In fact, one of Amanda and I's first dates, I took her on this trail," said Josh Hardin, Crooked Crane Trail Steering Committee.

The trail will eventually wrap around the entire lake, with walkways coming in from the city. And they are looking for artists to find the next permanent logo for this trail.

"It will be in print it'll be put on different mediums, you know, metal on wood, anything that depicts the trails. When somebody sees this logo they are going to know it's the Crooked Crane Trail. It's a huge, huge honor for somebody to have" said Amanda Glaster, Crooked Crane Trail Steering Committee.

For now, this trail may not look like much but Kramer says the committee plans to complete the first phase by spring 2016.