Construction Truck Crashes Into Mandan Home

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UPDATE: It had to be the loudest knock on the door a Mandan couple had ever heard.

A huge truck slammed into the front of Justin Glasser and his girlfriend's house the night of April 6, and they'll have to move out for a while.

The homeowner says he hasn't slept since the crash, and it's not certain they will be able to save the home they were living in for only four months.

"You look down and you're like wow the whole front of my house is basically destroyed," said homeowner, Justin Glasser.

A driverless construction truck carrying concrete plowed into Glasser and his girlfriend's home. He says he believes the wind shook the truck loose and sent it rolling downhill.

"There was blocks in front of the tires and I think it just worked it enough and the tires got on top of the blocks and part couldn't hold it and down it came," said Glasser.

Yesterday they shut off the water, breakers, and furnace and removed the truck. Mandan Police, Morton County Sheriff's Department and others arrived within minutes of their 9-1-1 call.

"A lot of them have said that you know they hadn't quite seen something quite like that before," said Mandan Police Department Lieutenant, Patrick Haug.

Haug says it will take several days for the investigation to be complete, and highway patrol will do an inspection of the truck.

The damages are significant, but thankfully no one was hurt.

"Nobody was hurt and at the end of the day that's really all that matters," said Glasser.

Glasser says he's contacted his insurance company, and the couple is staying at a hotel until they find a more long term arrangement.

ORIGINAL STORY: Mandan Police were called Wednesday night after a construction truck crashed into a home.

Officers say it happened in the newly developed neighborhood of Cobblestone Loop.

The truck was apparently parked on a downhill slope at a house that was under construction. It broke loose and plowed into the office of the home.

The homeowners were there at the time of the crash, but the good news is there were no injuries.

"I thought the window blew in on the first floor so I was going to go downstairs and then I got to the steps and started stepping on plaster and glass and then I saw the truck. So I went back back upstairs got my phone and called 911," said homeowner Carrie Zent.

The construction vehicle and trailer were heavily loaded with concrete molds.