Construction Starts on Universal Playground in Mandan

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As summer approaches, the construction of a 14,000 square foot universal playground kicked-off Monday in Mandan.

The new playground at Eagles Park is designed to be accessible to everyone, including those with physical disabilities.

Since the project began a year ago, $495,000 has been raised.

The playground will have a wheelchair-friendly, concrete-based, poured surface, that will be the largest of it's kind in the state.

Janel Glass' son has spina bifida and says she used to drive to Minot for the closest accessible playground.

"To see him flourish that way, to be able to see your son do stuff like that, like the other children is priceless," said Glass.

The playground was projected to open in late August, but with the good weather so far this spring, the project is a month ahead of schedule.