Clean up coming along at Buckstop Junction

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It's been nearly two months since a severe windstorm raced through Bismarck and devastated the historic town of Buckstop Junction.

Thanks to several weeks of hard work and the dedication of dozens of volunteers - Buckstop Junction was able to host their annual "Old Settlers Day" this weekend.

Old Settlers and Corn Feed Day brought out hundreds of visitors to see a little bit of history brought to life. With all the hustle and bustle this Sunday, it's hard to imagine the transformation that's taken place here over the last few weeks.

"Well we've had crews working up until last week. Mostly hauling out debris from the garage and the gazebo that were blown down," said Marlette Pittman, visitor center manager.

The old west town suffered tornado-like damage during a severe windstorm on June 19th. The National Weather Service reported 80 mile per hour winds which demolished a garage, the gazebo and ripped off parts of several roofs. The damage totaled close to $300,000.

"We were saying, 'how can we do any events?' But we actually didn't miss any of the weddings or anything that were held here," said Pittman.

The Visitor Center's roof has been repaired and there are plans in work for a picnic shelter in place of the old gazebo. Thanks to the hard work and elbow grease of more than 30 volunteers, this little town has been transformed for the enjoyment of its visitors.

"It's like history of the olden days - you get to learn more and that's the fun part about learning," said William Kaplan, Buckstop Junction visitor.

"The children really like the old buildings. They get in there and maybe they're not impressed by the way grandpa did this or that....but they like the feel of it," said Pittman.

Volunteers say they're pleased with clean-up progress - ensuring that future generations can enjoy this piece of living history.

The town contains historic buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. They were moved to the site by the Missouri Valley Historical Society.