Calendar Funds Help Support Bismarck's K-9 Officers

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The 2016 Bismarck Police K-9 calendars are now on sale at KT Animal Supply.

Funds will go directly toward the training and costs that it takes to take care of the K-9's.

There were 220 illegal drug finds in the community with just a couple handlers and two K-9 officers.

Another handler and dog were added this year to help lower drug related crimes in Bismarck.

KT Animal Supply partnered with the department last year and say they love helping out these furry officers.

"We all live here. This is our town and we really want to help our community in anyway possible. Selling the calendars help the police department and so that helps our community and they're a really big part of it too," said Jessica Stephens, KT Animal Supply.

The handlers and K-9 officers will hold a meet and greet at the store on October 3.