With Republican nomination secured, Burgum works to smooth relations with party insiders

Fargo businessman, Doug Burgum will represent the North Dakota Republicans on the November general election ballot for governor.

While winning the nomination, he ruffled the feathers of the party's insiders. Now, he's trying to bring everyone back together.

The celebration is over for Doug Burgum and his team. Now, the cleanup begins.

"We were on different teams. If you think of a sports analogy, this was a contest. People had different jerseys on. Now we get to take those jerseys off and put on the same jersey. That game is over and a new game starts today," said Burgum.

Burgum did things differently. He went to the primary after losing at the ND GOP convention and attacked Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, party insiders' preferred candidate.

"We feel great about the campaign we ran and for every complaint someone may have written about, Brent and I have had 10 compliments," said Burgum.

Now, Burgum says he's working to bring not only the party together, but the state's east and west. He says that's one of the reason's he chose Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford as his running mate.

"I'm very excited to be part of the team and to bring the local experience, the western side of the equation to the table," says Sanford.

The Republican ticket is now focusing on the general election in November when Burgum will take on Democrat Marvin Nelson and Libertarian Martin Riske.

During the press conference, Burgum took the time to mention how much he appreciates not only Stenehjem's work as attorney general, but also for being there for the Burgum family when Doug's brother passed away in 2010.