Burgum Running Mate, Brent Sanford, Appears in Pro-Stenejhem Campaign

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Republican candidate for governor Doug Burgum announces his running mate will be Brent Sanford, the mayor of Watford City.

It didn't take long for the Stenehjem campaign to go on the attack.

Before being named Burgum's running mate, Sanford appeared in a pro-Stenehjem video.

"As attorney general, and a member of the industrial commission, Wayne knows what it takes to keep North Dakota business friendly and our economy on track," said Sanford.

In an email from Burgum's communication manager, Sanford said, “I sat down with Doug, and he shared his vision for North Dakota moving from good to exceptional, and he walked me through an evidenced-based analysis of our state’s financial situation. I was let down by the misin​formation, cynicism, and whisper campaigns and realized Doug is the best choice. I’m proud to join Doug Burgum – an experienced, conservative business leader who understands the problems facing North Dakota.”

In that same email, Burgum said, “One of the keys to Doug’s success has always been to create a team that brings different points of view to problem solving. That’s how you build a business and how you bring innovation to government. Doug and Brent are courageous leaders that make decisions based on data and facts, and they strongly agree that government operates best when decisions are made closest to the people. Brent’s email was in regard to misinformation he was given about Doug. Brent feels strongly that Doug is the best choice for governor and is the best choice for the future of North Dakota.”