Boy Scouts Host Camporee

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Over the last four years, Boy Scouts have gone to Bismarck, Minot and Dickinson for a four-district camporee. This year was Williston's turn.

Scouts had a beautiful day to learn about history and take in the Western North Dakota scenery.

"The Camporee is going just excellent. The kids are having a great time, good fun, it's been a good weekend so far."

It wasn't hard for organizers to decide the best place to host the event.

"Fort Buford, Fort Union, the Confluence area is kind of a unique area to our little corner of the state, so it seemed the fitting place to do our first chance at a four district Camporee

The Four-District Camporee brought scouts from as far away as Colstrip Montana.

"For a lot of people, they don't get the opportunity to come out to the Williston Area if they're from Bismarck or Dickinson or Minot, so this is a good opportunity to see what western North Dakota has to offer."

Wtih 10 troops represented, Scouts liked the opportunity to interact with new faces.

"Well to see how they learn things, how to see if you can learn different things and how to learn different."

Throughout the day, scouts saw how life could be difficult for frontiersmen living in North Dakota in the 1800s.

"Survival wasn't a guarantee here at Fort Union, death was very common. You eat the wrong berries, you can't catch enough meats, or you don't know how to communicate with somebody, those could all lead to you not surviving."

But by learning from the past, scouts can 'be prepared' should they ever find themselves in a similar situation.