Body Found in Mandan Pond

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A startling discovery in a Mandan neighborhood this morning. Police found a body just off 40th Avenue Southeast, between 21st Street and Shoal Loop.

Maintenance workers found the unidentified man in this pond at around 10 o'clock this morning, and immediately called police.

The police say they are investigating the unidentified man's death as suspicious in nature, but have can't tell as of yet how he died.

"This area seems like a safe neighborhood. I mean, we walk it all the time and it kind of scares me now. It's kind of an eye-opener," said Mandan Parks employee Nikki Scherr.

Mandan Parks employee Kelly Churchill said: "Since we walk this all the time, there's the potential for anyone around her to be in danger. I guess we don't know what the cause of it is."

Police blocked off 40th Avenue Southeast when they arrived, diverting traffic through Shoal Loop. As many as six police cars were on the scene at a time, along with two fire trucks.

"We haven't had any problems, we've been perfectly happy here. I think it's a good neighborhood, or it will be when it's all finished. So, I just feel bad for that person and for that person's family," said Mandan resident Nancy Schauer.

The police took the man's body to the North Dakota Medical Examiner, where they will try to identify him as well as determine the cause of death.