Bismarck Students March for Life in Washington, D.C.

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North Dakota students are leading the annual March for Life on Washington. Last year, trip leader Nick Emmel, a teacher at St. Mary's Central High School took 93 Bismarck students to the nation's capital. This year, he's taking nearly double that amount.

"The young people have an opportunity to stand up for something that's very important to them, which is the respect for all life from womb to tomb," said Emmel.

A half million people will march behind Emmel's students, as well as students from the other North Dakota dioceses, past the Capitol Building to the Supreme Court.

Emmel said, " This cause for life is not led by a bunch of older people who are stuck in the past, but it's led by young people who are looking to the future."

"You just see how many other people believe in what you do and see that what you're doing is for a good cause and you want to stand up for your beliefs," said student officer Olivia Richter.

Richter was among the pilgrims last year and helped plan this year's trip as a student officer.

"Being able to lead it gave me a new role of responsibility in it, and I feel like this year I will get even more out of it," added Richter.

In addition to the student officers, 20 chaperones will make the trek to help Emmel.