Bismarck Start-Up Weekend Gives Entrepreneurs Opportunities

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A competition coming to Bismarck could give entrepreneurs a starting point.

Bismarck is holding its first ever Start-Up Weekend, which is a three day event for anyone to get together to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch a start-up within 54 hours.

On Friday, organizers stopped in to tell BSC students a little about the innovative event that starts on Friday, Jan. 23 and runs through the weekend.

Start-Up Weekend is about learning through the act of creation, while developing professional relationships.

Teams form will form the best ideas pitched and spend Saturday and Sunday focused on customer development, validating their ideas and building prototypes with mentors.

"Bismarck and the western part of the state has gone under a huge change and transformation," said Garrett Moon, co-founder of Start Bismarck. "And I think it's actually made a perfect environment for this sort of thing, we have the resources, we have the people moving into our state that are bringing brand new talents, brand new skills and creating these new opportunities that allows them to take advantage of some of those things and keep them here in our state."

The event is for anyone with an interest in start-ups, Registration is open until next Wednesday, for more information you can check out the Bismarck Start-Up Weekend website.