Bismarck Renaissance Zone Granted 15-month Extension

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There may be hope in store for the Bismarck Renaissance Zone's future.

The program was granted a 15-month extension that will continue until August of 2017.

The Bismarck City Commission requested a five year renewal of the plan from the State Deparment of Commerce.
The 15 year program was set to expire May 1.

Instead, the department opted for a temporary extension, after the program failed to gain the support of the Burleigh County Board of Commissioners.

The plans needs "evidence of community support" for a renewal.

The department plans to ask the legislature to clarify this language during their next session.

"I think that it's been very successful in basically rehabilitating some of the downtown districts. But whether or not it's going to continue to I think that will be up to what the legislature determines what "evidence of community support" is and how much local support the program will have," said NDDC Program Administrator, Rikki Roehrich.

The program offers local income and property tax breaks to investors within the commercial zone. To date, a total of 118 projects in the Renaissance Zone have been approved.