Bismarck Police Patrol Parks with ATV's

Bismarck police are off-roading this summer in hopes to increase patrols.

Police are not only patrolling the city streets they are now using two ATV's to patrol parks.

The ATV's were given to the police department after the floods in 2011.
Now, they are being put to use to enforce park ordinances and to increase police presence.

Deputy Chief Ziegler says the ATV's are a great way to help develop personal relationships between officers and the public.

"That's what I'm really trying to get across to the officers and that's my biggest goal and we definitely accomplished and are seeing the fruits of our labor in that department, absolutely. The people are getting to see the officers up close and personal and the officers are having lots and lots of contacts," said Deputy Ziegler.

Right now, officers are only out patrolling on the weekends.
Deputy Chief Ziegler hopes to eventually get patrols running every day of the week.