Bismarck-Mandan Joint Dispatch Center Running Smoothly

For many years, Bismarck and Mandan police have always worked side-by-side. Now, they have taken their relationship one step further.

This is where the action is. Every 911 call, fire emergency or other service call is answered here. Mandan and Bismarck used to have their own dispatch centers, but now they share this one in Bismarck. Discussion on the new center started about a year and a half ago and the new combined effort started last week.

"There began further conversations between all the local governments, you know city of Bismarck, city of Mandan, Burleigh County, Morton County, and they explored a lot of different things -- everything from how it's going to affect people and operations, and ultimately the decision was made to combine the centers," said Paul Leingang, Deputy Chief of Mandan Police.

"Few years ago, we had a joint communications project that ended up with a very similar structure for Bismarck and Mandan's radio system," said Chris Miller, Mandan Police Department deputy lieutenant.

While sharing the dispatch center is new, working together isn't.

"They've always had a good working history. This part of it is really more of a, that real-time information sharing that we're able to, kind of play the middle man," said Mike Dannenfelzer, communications director.

Even though the two departments have only shared one center for a week, things have been running smoothly.