Some Belfield Residents Concerned About Proposed Road Construction

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Belfield resident Donald Denning doesn't have a problem with the work.

"Redoing the road, and they're doing it right," said Denning.

It's the price tag of the job that has him and others, concerned.

"It's the cost, and how the city has drived up the cost," said Denning.

The special assessment for improving the city's roads has Denning paying more than $47,000. The assessment commission divided the area into four districts, and the amount residents pay, depends on the size of their lot. Many say they can't afford the costs.

"Neighbors up the way, they're gonna walk off. The renters have already moved out some up north," explained Denning.

But, there are some who couldn't imagine leaving.

"We'll stay here as long as we can, we love the community, the people," said Donald Jablonsky, Belfield resident.

Jablonsky has lived in his home since 1980 and says over the years, the roads have deteriorated. He believes the project is necessary and that Belfield is not the only community with high assessment costs.

"I have friends that live in different cities; Dickinson, Bismarck and so forth, and their specials aren't cheap either," said Jablonsky.

Jablonsky adds that the time is right, with the recent work on the city's water piping. Belfield City Council member Jeff Iverson agrees.

"Make a positive step forward for this community," said Iverson.

Iverson says the city could have notified residents more about the assessments, and he has apologized for this. And they are considering other options to help alleviate costs.

"We are going to downscale, the reason it was as big as it was, that was a concern and that was because we felt we would get a better price with a big project," said Iverson.

The council will meet with residents early next week to decide on a solution and work will continue on Belfield streets.