'Back to the Future' Day: What the Iconic Film Got Right

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It's trending all over social media, and will only come around once. "Back to the Future" Day is being celebrated today.

Flying cars don't fill the skies, but hoverboards and 3D movies are part of our reality. But "Back to the Future 2" missed one major thing, the Internet.

​When Marty McFly and Doc landed in the future the technology was other-worldly. But now that we're here, did they get it right?

3D movies, smart glasses and video calls are all everyday occurrences in our world now and scientists are even working on the famous hoverboard.

"I think pop culture has a big affect on society and young people as they go from a kid scientist to a major in college to a professional definitely taps into their imagination, and that's what makes us tick in any field," said Neil Roberts, Minot State University assistant professor of broadcasting.

The movie made one big prediction that until recently, seemed like a real possibility.

"It was sort of laughable back in the day, the cubs winning the world series and many of us thought they'll get there before that. What back to the future didn't say though was anything about Jacob Degrom, Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey and Daniel Murphy and some of these guys with the New York Mets that have something to say about that," said Roberts.

But they didn't get it all right. Fax machines make a large cameo in the film and most millennials couldn't tell you how to work one of those machines.

The year 1989 was also the year that the Internet was invented, and the movie makers could have never predicted the impact it would have on our world.

"It's immeasurable. With innovations and great imaginations; it's been great to see, but I don't think that movie anticipated that sort of technological change and how it would change because of it," said Roberts.

And there's still a sliver of hope for those wanting one prediction to come true.

"Just hope that some day the cubs realize the world series one day and capitalize on that," said Roberts.

Earlier today Michel J. Fox tweeted a picture from Nike showing a design for self tying shoes similar to those in the movie. Smart marketing for them. The shoes are expected to be released sometime next year.