Self-Driving Cars May Soon be a Reality on Stretch of Highway 83

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Car manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW and Tesla all have already or will soon, release cars with self -driving features that give the car some ability to drive itself.

A group called the Central North American Trade Corridor Association is advocating for construction of an autonomous highway.

A highway that would stretch more than 1,800 miles for self-driving cars right through North Dakota.

"I think everybody kind of understands that self driving vehicles are the wave of the future. It's just a matter of how you get the progress. You know, how you get that technology to move forward, and that's what we're about," said Marlo Anderson, Central North American Trade Corridor Director.

The Autonomous Friendly Corridor is dubbed a "visionary project" by planners, a pathway that would connect Canada and North Dakota to Texas and even Mexico.

"Going North to South is very very difficult. We feel the autonomous corridor would alleviate some of that strain of moving North and South," said Anderson.

Unmanned cars would be delivering commerce side-by-side with other drivers and landport stations would be situated every 200 miles for re-fueling and unloading cargo.

"Drones could come in, pick up packages and move them to another location too. So this landport is kind of a new concept that we've been tossing around too and there's a lot of interest in that as well," said Central North American Trade Corridor Treasurer Dave Blair.

The project moving one step closer to reality. In January, the Department of Transportation announced proposed $3.9 billion to be put toward the self-driving car industry. The CNATCA says they hope the corridor will have limited use by 2020.

US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx says U.S. regulators will begin issuing guidelines to help the introduction of self-driving car technology within the next few months.​