Addison's Law to Take Effect Aug. 1

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The legislative session is over, although it usually takes a few months for all of the bills passed to take effect. Some might be considered routine business, while others mean more to certain people.

Before the session began, a mother whose six month old daughter died while sleeping on her third day of daycare.

She took the grief she was feeling and channeled it into creating a legacy for baby Addison, in hopes to prevent other parents from having to go through such a loss.

Tammy Czapiewski spends her day in the office almost just like any other employee at the Bismarck Police Station. The only difference is her 16-week-old daughter Jordyn is right by her side.

"I can have her at work with me for six months. Just knowing that she's by my side and I can watch her and still get my work done is just kind of a fun experience and very rewarding to know she can be here with me," said Czapiewski.

Jordyn's big sister Addison also got to spend that time by her mothers side. But shortly after starting daycare in 2012 she passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS.

But, her mom immediately got to work trying to make sure infants were safe while sleeping at daycare. And, this session she was able to get "Addison's Law" passed and signed by the governor.

"The new law is going to require annual training for providers. Providers already take annual training hours in a variety of topics. So, if they care for infants they will be dedicating some of those hours to learning and understanding about the safest sleep environments for babies," said Jennifer Barry, Early Childhood Learning Services administrator.

Czapiewski says she is thrilled that the law was able to get passed in honor of her daughter.

"It kind of helped me through the earlier grieving process to do something I was fighting for and to know that her passing wasn't going to be forgotten and something would come from it. I know this is the route I had to go," said Czapiewski.

And, she says she is going to continue her fight for babies here in North Dakota and maybe someday, nationally.

The new law will take effect on Aug. 1, which is just two days after the third anniversary of the day Addison was buried and her mother's birthday.