4 More Businesses Burglarized in Minot

Minot Police say that four more businesses have reported burglaries.

This makes 14 reported burglaries at Minot businesses in the past seven days.

According to the department, officers responded to two separate alarms within ten minutes of one another shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday night at Tractor Supply Company on South Broadway, and Dunn Diehl Dental on E. Burdick. Officers say someone forced entry at both locations.

A patrol officer later found that someone had broken a window at First Lutheran Church on Minot's northwest side.

The burglars did not steal anything from these locations, but did cause property damage.

Meanwhile, employees at OK Automotive on Minot’s southeast side called in a fourth burglary around 8:15 Monday morning.

Anyone with information should call the police at 852-0111, or the CrimeStoppers hotline at 852-7463.