Man Shot, Killed Sunday Night in Officer Involved Shooting

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An officer-involved shooting in Bismarck left one man dead Sunday night. The incident occurred around 11:30 after someone called 911, reporting there was an intoxicated man in the back of this building who was armed with a shotgun and wanted to kill the caller.

The suspect has been identified as 42-year-old James Anthony Scott of Mandan. The incident happened at 32nd Streeet and Rosser Avenue.

Adam Stonestreet was in his apartment doing his homework when he heard gun shots and people yelling outside his window.

"I saw there was cops and I heard one of them yell 'gun' real loud. And at that point I took off to go get my wife because she was in the bedroom sleeping and we got down behind the wall and we heard two loud bangs," said Stonestreet.

In a release, the Bismarck Police Department says dispatch told the caller to move to an area of safety, but the caller refused. The caller then reported the man was walking toward him with a shotgun. Police say the officer believed the suspect to be armed and dangerous.

"The way it went was the officer saw him in the apartment hallway standing next to a shotgun or a long gun, and then he fled out the back door. Then another officer gave him commands to show his hands and get on the ground which he did not do. And at this time we have not found a firearm on that person, on the suspect. You know, we're still checking the scene to see if he had another firearm. At the time he was found he was not armed," said Sgt. Mark Buschena, Bismarck Police Department.

Stonestreet says he used to be a military man and hearing those gunshots brought back memories.

"It was definitely scary not knowing what was going on. You know hearing gunshots go off. Mostly concerned for me because you know we live there and we want to make sure everyone stays safe," Stonestreet said.

Stonestreet says after this incident he and his wife are going to be moving out of the neighborhood.