CAPTURED: Burglary Suspect Who Fled Police Custody Found

UPDATE: On Wednesday evening, the Dickinson Police Department received a call from a property owner reporting an unknown male in her vacated residence.

The description given matched that of 31-year-old Jeremy Mellmer of Dickinson.

The homeowner was not harmed during her contact with Mellmer and was allowed to leave.

Dickinson Police Department patrol officers and Stark County deputies set up a perimeter around the residence and the Southwest Tactical Team was activated and responded to the scene.

Law enforcement officials asked residents in the immediate area to stay inside and move to the lower levels of their homes.

After multiple attempts to allow Mellmer to exit peacefully, the Southwest Tactical Team and K-9 unit went into the residence and located him in the basement.

Mellmer was found in possession of a firearm and had sustained a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Mellmer was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital.

ORIGINAL STORY: The burglary suspect who escaped police custody early this week has been captured by Dickinson Police.

31-year-old Jeremy Mellmer was found in a vacant residence late Wednesday night.

The police received information that Mellmer was in the 900 block of 9th Street East.

A search of the residence was conducted by the Southwest Tactical Team where they located Mellmer in the basement.

Earlier Monday police arrested three other suspects in traffic stops they say are involved in ongoing burglaries of storage units and residents.

After interviewing them, police say they were led to a home where they could find Mellmer and some stolen items.

While Mellmer was nowhere to be found at the residence, authorities did find some stolen property.

Mellmer fled to a home possibly filled with guns Monday night, leading to a stand-off with SWAT and other agencies.

Officials searched for Mellmer for two days before he was located.

Mellmer was discovered with suspected self-inflicted wounds and is being treated St. Joseph's Hospital.