2016 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference overview

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The three-day Williston Basin Petroleum Conference wrapped up this morning. This week focused on the energy industry and is now shifting focus for presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump's speech.

Bakken Forward was the ongoing theme throughout the week. Oil industry leaders are optimistic that the tough times they are facing now will turn around.

There were many topics of discussion over the past three days, including pipelines, reclamation and hydraulic re-fracturing. There were a total of 272 vendors and more than 2,500 registered.

The last keynote speaker of the conference was Lou Holtz's Coaching When it Counts speech.

The exhibit hall was packed with conference participants for his speech. I had a chance to catch up with him beforehand.

Holtz says his message for the audience was to stay strong through the tough times in the industry.

Holtz also told says he endorsed Trump not that long ago, so he is looking forward to hear his speech, which is coming up pretty fast.

Coming up energy reporter Allyssa Dickert will give a sneak peak at what the state's oil regulators hope to hear from Trump.