UPDATE: 2 Men Found Dead After Shooting in Williston

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UPDATE: 5:58 p.m. Earlier this evening the Williston Police Department removed the bodies of the people killed.

Officers say the investigation is still active and so far, no charges have been filed.

Police say the deceased are believed to be in their early 20s and both died from gunshot wounds, adding that they were found in a fifth floor apartment, one in the living room and one in the kitchen. They did not live in the building.

Police add a young child was inside the apartment during the shootout, but was not hurt.

During the preliminary search police found three hand guns, then located and seized several more during the investigation. It's still unclear who owned the weapons.

The deceased have been identified, but Williston Police won’t release the names until family member are notified.

The entire fifth floor was cleared during the investigation, but residents were let back in this evening.

Police say, self-defense has not been ruled out in this (incident.)

ORIGINAL STORY: A shooting in Williston left two men dead Tuesday.

Shortly after 11 a.m., Williston Police received multiple calls of shots fired at an apartment building.

When they arrived on the scene, two men were pronounced dead from gunshot wounds. Police are not releasing the victim's names until their families are notified.

Witnesses say between nine and 16 shots were fired. Two adults were brought in for questioning about the incident. Police say they have secured the location and the public is not in any immediate danger.

"The public does not need to be in fear at this time. We do have the person detained that we are looking into what exactly did happen in the apartment," said Detective Sgt. Amy Nickoloff, Williston Police Department.

This afternoon, police received a warrant to search the apartment and are continuing to conduct their investigation.

Police say they do not believe this was a home invasion.