2 Arrested for Weapons Violation in Minot

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Minot police were dispatched to the Select Inn in Minot Tuesday for possible drug activity in one of the rooms. Instead, they found a man and woman in possession of a stolen, sawed-off shotgun.

When police arrived at the hotel they made contact with 26-year-old William Downey of Minot and 29-year-old Analisa Heffta of Grand Forks, and received consent to search the room.

Police found a sawed-off shotgun hidden, and Downey fled on foot. Officers apprehended him in the bathroom of the North Broadway Superpumper after a short pursuit.

The shotgun was later identified as being stolen from a Ward County residence.

Downey was charged with possession of a short barreled shotgun, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of stolen property and disobey a movement control order.

Heffta was charged with possession of a short barreled shotgun and possession of stolen property.

Downey and Heffta were transported to the Ward County Jail.