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ND Rep. Kelly Armstrong speaks on impeachment hearings

Pay rise for Minot City Council

Federal Task Force to tackle tribal issues

North Dakota pardons OK’d under marijuana conviction policy

ND Rep. Kelly Armstrong reacts to Trump impeachment move

Runoff vote for ND Supreme Court chief justice position

Open for Discussion: Guns and mass shooting

Savanna's Act goes to full Senate

Burgum seeks disaster declaration extension

Minot leaders vote to allow bar hours to 2 a.m.

Minot leaders to weigh extension for City Manager

Democrats hold on to Louisiana governor’s seat

Ethics commission dismisses cases

Lawmakers react to first public impeachment inquiry hearings

Former ND governor speaks about faith in the work place

ND Insurance Commissioner sets world record for tallest male politician

AP sources: Deval Patrick mulling Democratic White House run

National security officials objected to stopping Ukraine aid

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NBC News Headlines

Daredevils jump 800+ feet on West Virginia ‘holiday’

Our Gadi Schwartz went to West Virginia for the annual Bridge Day, the one day every year when the New River Gorge Bridge closes off traffic and opens to pedestrians, to allow them to watch BASE jumpers fly 876 feet into the gorge below.

Family of slain UPS driver in violent Miami car chase calls police response rushed and premature

“It could’ve been avoided,” UPS driver Frank Ordonez’s stepfather said. “Other tactics should have been applied and they weren’t applied.”

Deadly attacks on U.S. military bases highlight inside threats to Americans serving

Today’s deadly shooting in Pensacola follows an incident at Pearl Harbor Naval shipyard on Wednesday, where an active duty sailor killed two people and himself.

Saudi Air Force member identified as gunman in Navy base shooting

Military and law enforcement officials say that Mohamed Saeed Alshamrani was a second lieutenant in the Saudi Arabian Air Force, in Pensacola for flight training.

Shooting at Pensacola Naval base kills 3, wounds 8

Officers were on the scene in less than 5 minutes and engaged Mohammed Alshamrani, the suspected shooter, in a gun battle -- ultimately killing him.