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About Us

More than a gym, We are a life center

Proximal50 is a comprehensive wellness center and we’re serious about health. We are a full-service gym with group fitness and personal training. But we are also a wellness clinic with physical therapy, nutrition and wellness services. Don’t worry, we won’t waste your time with high-pressure sales and slick moves – just whole-health support to reach your personal health goals. We say P50 isn’t just a gym; it’s a way of life.


Want to just do your own thing?
A comfortable, inclusive vibe and clean, modern equipment make your time at the gym actually quite enjoyable.

New to exercise or a gym?

We will make sure you get the guidance to get started and how to use the equipment.

Ready to take it up a notch or need accountability?
Our Certified Personal Trainers will work with you, your goals, your schedule, and your budget to help you develop an exercise plan that is right for you.

Time to mix it up or try something new?

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable group fitness instructors are ready to provide you with a great (probably better than you’d expect) workout with the fun & motivation of a group.


Because being healthy is more than just exercise. 

  • It’s eating right and reducing stress.
  • It’s balancing priorities and having a clear action plan.
  • It’s learning to be your own health advocate.

It's having a plan just for you - built around your goals & lifestyle by our team of dedicated wellness professions.

Physical Therapy

Pain is not normal. You shouldn’t have to just “live with it” or “work through it.” Our therapists strive to improve mobility, restore function, prevent injury, and provide less invasive treatment options while reducing overall healthcare expenses and offering an individualized and custom treatment plan.


The Proximal50 experience is different for everyone. Just as your goals, your challenges, and your successes are unique so is YOUR journey. Experience the #P50Life difference.