Wentz Participates in 11 on 11 Drills

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Carson Wentz hit another bench mark in his road to recovery.

With the start of the regular season just under a month away, Carson has been a limited participant in Eagles training camp but has been taking on more of a work load each week.

Wentz spoke to the media Monday morning after participating in 11 on 11 practices over the weekend.

“I mean, not being out there was obviously frustrating. I think we talked a little bit about it last week, but I want to be out there every day. I want to be a full participant in every single thing, but that wasn't totally my call. And, you know, you just have to be smart in those situations,” said Wentz. “It was tough but yeah getting back out there yesterday in the full team drills I enjoyed it."

Since Wentz's injury last season, His goal has been to play in the Eagles season opener against the Falcons on Sept. 6.

" It's going to be close and nothings really changed from last week other than just the 11 on 11 practice but the final hurdle which will not be my decision will be being cleared for full contact,” said Wentz.

Carson will not play in the Eagles preseason game this Thursday against the Browns.