Sports Spotlight: Wentz-Jackson connection

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PHILADELPHIA - A very good quarterback can become a great quarterback with time to throw and a solid receiver to catch it.

The biggest story line at camp this week has been the Carson Wentz to Desean Jackson long ball.

Every day, the combo connects for deep touchdown passes but the QB wide receiver relationship is still in the early stages of what could be the NFL's best tandem.

Jackson is one of the best deep ball wide receivers in the league. His career yards per catch average is the top among active players, but Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson wants the guys to get as much reps as possible.

"Yeah it's still a work in progress. They make some plays today it's great to see out on the practice field, and, you know, they spend some time after practice kind of getting some throws and that's what it takes you know you don't develop chemistry overnight we start obviously in the off season and progress through training camp and try to get them and other skill positions together and try to be on the same page," said Pederson.

While the on field alignment is important, Wentz finds ways in the film room to strengthen the relationship.

"I mean there's a lot that can be discussed, there's a lot honestly just reviewing certain routes, certain plays, what you're expecting versus different coverage's. If the defenders playing you a certain technique what are you expecting what are you thinking just to get on the same page. Every receiver is different and every receiver kind of has preferences on things and so just to build that chemistry without getting physical reps, I think is a huge part of it," said Wentz, Eagles quarterback.

Right tackle Lane Johnson says Wentz has done more this offseason to bond with teammates.

"He's organized a lot of stuff for the receivers, organized a couple barbecues for the O-lineman, so he feeds us, so that's pretty nice. Other than that, I mean,Ii think he's taking a good initiative in the offseason to have guys go down in Houston to train with him, just so when trying camp starts they have a rhythm that's already there. So I've seen that and I just hope he invites me over for some more steak dinners, that's all I really care about," said Johnson.

With the season opener against the Washington Redskins 39 days away, Wentz will have plenty of chances to mesh with his teammates on and off the field.