Wentz & Eagles Make NFL Playoffs

A month ago, it looked like the Eagles played themselves out of the playoff picture. Carson Wentz led Philly to four straight wins and yesterday, the Eagles won the division title in the NFC-East.Philadelphia beat the Giants to grab the four seed for the post-season.

The former Century High School quarterback, became the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 4,000-yards without out a single receiver getting 500-yards.

It shows you how injured the Eagles are and how special Carson's been this year.

"I'm just grateful, extremely grateful to be honest and to be out here playing in these meaningful game and I know the guys are fired up. We're fired up and it was quite the season for us, the regular season with a lot of ups and downs. The way we responded late in the year with out backs against the wall to do what we did and to get in this moment. I think guys are thankful for it but we're still hungry," said Wentz.

Wentz is also the only quarterback in NFL history to have 20 or more touchdowns and 7 of fewer interceptions in three straight seasons. All of this with a very long list of starters out with injuries.

Wentz : "We've had new playmakers almost every week, different guys stepping up because guys are getting hurt and banged up. It's just fun to see guys show up in big moments like that, who maybe last year were on the practice squad, and for them to step up in the way they have and the way guys have been making plays. It's been so cool to see and I think it makes it that much more fun to do what we did and hopefully we can go do something special like I said."

Carson and the Eagles will play Seattle on Sunday afternoon. It's a 3:40-central time start and you can watch it right here on KFYR-TV, KQCD-TV, KUMV-TV and KMOT-TV.

Philadelphia will host the Seahawks. They played in November and Seattle won 17-9.