Weekly Wentz Watch

For the first time in his N.F.L. career, Carson Wentz is getting ready to start a playoff game. The past two seasons, the Century High School and NDSU graduate has had to watch from the sidelines.

Two years ago Philadelphia won the Super Bowl. This year, Wentz has carried an injury-laden team into the post-season.

The Eagles needed a four-game winning streak to claim the title in the NFC-East and they's exactly what they did.

Along the way, Wentz became the first Philly quarterback to throw a touchdown in every regular season game.

"Yes, I'm excited! Kinds of the same thing. I mentioned after the game, but just how grateful I am to be healthy and be in this moment with these guys to be on the field. And, I'm just excited for the challenge and the opportunity and like you said, I've been on the sideline the last few years for these games, so I'm pretty pumped for the opportunity," said Wentz.

The Eagles host Seattle on Sunday. The Seahawks beat Philly 17-9 in the regular season and Wentz was asked in his weekly meeting with the media about the lack of success the Eagles have had against Seattle recently.

"We're obviously focused on the here and now and this year we obviously didn't score many points because we turned the ball over and it's going to be the echo of the week really is just take care of the football but hats off to them. They've always had a really good defense," said Wentz. "Their coaches extremely well. They play fast so we know we have our work cut out for us but we're excited for the opportunity."

Lack of turnovers is one of the reasons Wentz and the Eagles are in the playoffs, since the start of December, he's thrown 10-touchdowns with only one interception which was a hail Mary at the end of the Miami game.

You can watch Carson's first playoff start on KFYR-TV, KQCD-TV, KUMV-TV AND KMOT-TV.

It's a 3:40 Central Time start on NBC. on January 5.

​(quotes courtesy: philadelphiaeagles.com)