Weekly Wentz Watch

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Carson Wentz and the Eagles did not play last Sunday. It's because they were on the field twice in five days and the break was much needed. On Thursday of last week, Philly handed the Packers their 1st-loss of the season.

The Eagles used a balanced offense to win 34-27.

The Capital-City's favorite NFl quarterback completed 16 passes with three of them ending up in the end zone.

"It definitely helps spark a lot of confidence in us to be able to go on the road in a short week with all of those things against us and to come out with a win especially the way we did. The way we fought to the end, I thought was huge for us and hopefully that can springboard us here into the second quarter of the season," said Wentz.

The Eagles whet 2-2 in the first quarter of the NFL season. Wentz is currently the highest-graded quarterback in the NFL according to pro football focus.

Wentz is completing over 60-percent of his throws for 963 yards with nine touchdowns and three interceptions.

"I think, just every year mentally, pre-snap especially, I think I just understand the offense more and more and just being able to process things quicker, I think is something that I feel like every single year has improved. And, I'm definitely not there or have I arrived by no means, but I do feel more confident going forward every single week in that area," said Wentz.

Wentz and the Eagles have a home game this Sunday afternoon against the New York Jets.

Wentz will be the only North Dakotan on the field because Williston's Brent Qvale went on injured reserve with a knee he hurt in training camp. Brent's an Offensive lineman for the Jets.