Weekly Wentz Watch

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PHILADELPHIA - It’s Cowboys week for Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s a big game this Sunday as it’s an important divisional game for both teams. If Dallas wins, it really hurts Philly’s playoff chances. If Philly wins, the division race heats up even more. Now, this isn’t the first time this season the Eagles are playing the Cowboys, in fact they just saw them a month ago.

Former Century Patriot Wentz talks about what the Eagles can take out of that last game against Dallas, and apply it to this Sunday’s game.

"Yeah I thought we played a good second half, we came up short, we started off really slow, and those are things, you know, shoot you even look back to last year's tape against them last year, we started out slow as well. So we've just really got to put four quarters together. In a game like this, where both know each other so well, just played a couple weeks ago, it's not going to come down to anything fancy or anything, it's just going to come down to guys making plays, and then we've got to execute better than them," said Wentz.

While they’ve been going over game notes from the last meeting, and getting ready for this big game, Head Coach Doug Pederson says it’s never easy when you have to face the Cowboys.

"We know that, you know, you play these types of games, it's a full 60 minute game, it's a battle every time you play the Cowboys, you play any of our NFC East opponents, and so having guys that have been involved with games like this before, from a leadership standpoint does help," said Pederson.

Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles will head to Dallas to face the Cowboys Sunday afternoon. Kick-off is at 3:25 p.m. CT on West Dakota FOX.

Quotes courtesy: philadelphiaeagles.com