Weekly Wentz Watch

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PHILADELPHIA - Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles had no time to lick their wounds after losing to the Vikings on Sunday. Philly had to get right back to work because there’s a game Thursday night.

The Eagles offensive line continues to have issues, and when that happens, the quarterback is going to have issues. Wentz says that’s not 100 percent the problem. Everybody has the play better.

"Little things happen in practice every now and then and we just have to be on it,” says Wentz. “A lot of us older guys and leaders have to hold each other accountable and say this is the standard and where we've been is not the standard and we hope everyone accountable to that. Yes sometimes those little things in practice you kind of just let slip but those are the things that are getting is in games. We have to hold each other accountable."

When the defense is closing in on Wentz, he says there’s a fine line between get rid of it or whether to hold that extra split-second to connect with a receiver.

"Hanging in the pocket, trying to make that big play that's both in and out of the pocket, I'm never really escaping the pocket to run. Sometimes you have to get rid of the ball quicker and that's just part of what it is. It's how I play. Again I'm always watching that. I'm always watching and trying to learn when's the right time to pick and choose my battles," said Wentz.

Wentz’s battles are against the Giants in New Jersey. You can watch it on West Dakota Fox.

Quotes courtesy: philadelphiaeagles.com